Christmas Monchhichi Elf Village


The Elf Village 

Hello we are the Monchhichi Elf family.
In the moment we prepare new toys for christmas.

Our kids, a girl and a boy help us.

Look this is my new Santa doll. Do you think Santa Claus will like it?

The elf boy loves to hang out of the highest point of the house.

The Santa place 

Santa has modernized his fleet. This year they use cars instead of sleds pulled by reindeers.
"Attention, today we will visit the elf village to watch some new toys.
Dear angels please accompany me."

We are looking forward to drive our new angel car.

Let us get in the vehicle.

Santa gets on board.

Gentlemen, start your engines please!

Bye bye!

Santa at the Elf Village

Hello dear elfs, how are you?

Please show me your new toys, which you've designed and built for the kids in the world.

Dear Santa, this is a group of mini Santas.
They can show you different positions. Right now, they are doing exercises.

Mini Santas in action.

This is a teddy in a snow globe.

"Dear Santa, I prepared a new toy. It is a mini Santa as a doll in a doll's pram."
Santa says: Wow, this is my favourite toy.
And the little elf girl is very happy ♥

The mini Santas like to wander around.

I wonder, wether Santa discovered me.

The Christmas couple 2012

The Christmas couple visits the elf village.

 Hello, we are this year's christmas couple.

I like to wear knitted pullovers with a christmas design.

Look this is my new christmas outfit. Heike made it on her own.

My christmas bag for my christmas stuff, hehe.

Fin..! :o)


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